A Collection of Works

by Mari Woll

Nærvær (performance)
A performance project that explores the co-existing feeing of something being present and absent at the same time. 



Skjermbilde 2020-08-31 kl. 22.58.39.png
Nærvær (film)
A short film that portraits the co-existing feeing of something being present and absent at the same time. 



An exploration of the gendered body in context of western gender- and beauty norms.





Do I? Really?
Do I? Really? is a minimalistic and quirky contemporary dance piece which addresses the mundane struggles of defining relationships and fulfilling human connections with lightness and humour. 



A multimedia performance including photographs, projections, sound and live performers. Shifts is a landscape of legs. The performance explores the expressive body language of the legs and draws attention to body hair in relation to gender representation and aesthetics.






Winkel explores the relationship between sound and movement through a combination of video and live performance.




"Being" is the outcome of Mari's BA3 Independent Project at Trinity Laban. Using video and sound technology as tools, she researched how sonic and visual elements can be used to engage the senses of the audience.





Uncovered is an exploration of the aesthetics of the female body. Sexual object, canon of beauty or human anatomy, the body is seen here as a living landscape. Shaped with unusual angles, it reveals a part of itself verging on abstraction.







An installation that explores cubist dance through the medium of film.




Nu comme un ver


As human beings, we usually cover our selves, not only physically with clothes, but also mentally. We respond to social expectations, and the social norms are often so deep within us that we don’t realise to what extent we are our selves. How authentic is our behaviour and the emotions we display?





Every person has a need to be understood. We express ourselves through our bodies, with movements and sounds as our tools. What happens when we try to communicate in ways we are not used to?